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Drunk Driving Lawyers Near Me Klondike TX

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A DUI is a serious criminal charge that has a harsh and lasting impact on your finances and future. Accepting these charges means facing hefty fines, years of increased insurance premiums, and many hours of drunk driving school and community service. We focus on fighting your DUI charges to reduce the consequences and penalties you may have imposed. Our results speak for themselves. There are strategies that we can use to fight a DUI which will be dependent on the details of your case. We analyze all factors relating to your case to determine the defense strategy with the highest chance of success.

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Our Law Office believes in giving every client the full attention they deserve in handling their DWI case. Including going over every detail that might lead to a case getting dismissed or weakened. We also understand that with the stress of a criminal conviction comes the financial stress of fines and legal fees. That is why we will try to get fines reduced and give you affordable DWI legal service. We think that you should choose a lawyer should be like picking a doctor for a life-threatening illness. Meaning you should feel completely comfortable with our ability to represent you in court. We are confident that you will feel that way. That is why we will go over in detail what is involved with your case and what we will be doing for you. We have been practicing law for almost 30 years. We are former Assistant District Attornies who have prosecuted hundreds of DWI cases. Since becoming a private law firm, we have defended hundreds of cases as well. We understand the stress that DWI arrest brings and will work closely with you to come up with an affordable solution. We will look at all options for you: We will look at every option available to you. Of course, options will be individually based depending on many factors. A first time DWI offender with a low BAC will have different options than a third-time offender. We have seen it all and will come up with the best defense and the best options for your case. We know that when a serious charge is at stake, you need to speak with a lawyer fast. We never give you the run-around. Every call is answered by a lawyer. How many lawyers do you know that provide their mobile phone number? Try calling us now on our mobile.

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Technical challenges to the DUI charge have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you were under the influence when you were driving. Instead, these challenges focus on whether or not law enforcement followed the proper procedure when handling your DUI charge. A typical challenge is by challenging the circumstances surrounding your arrest. For instance, the United State’s constitution protects everyone from unreasonable searches and seizures. As a result, police officers cannot stop your car randomly stop, and they have to stop a vehicle for a good reason. An example of an acceptable reason for stopping a car would be for a traffic violation. However, if a court determines that a police officer randomly stopped your vehicle without good cause, then the evidence of your DUI (results of chemical tests, breath tests, Field Sobriety Tests and the officer’s observations) would not be allowed to be used against you. At which point, the prosecution for all practical purposes has no case. Since a traffic stop triggers most DUI charges, it is important you get an experienced Klondike DUI attorney who would investigate whether the officer had no good reason to stop your car. An experienced Klondike DUI attorney can also challenge the procedures used in performing chemical, breath or Filed Sobriety Testing. When it comes to such testing, there are numerous rules law enforcement must follow. Falling short of the rules would be deemed unreliable, and your chemical, breath or Filed Sobriety Tests results would not be allowed to be used against you. Unlike a technical challenge, an evidence challenge is a direct attack on the evidence the prosecution has against you. An experienced Klondike DUI attorney can go about this in several ways, including but not limited to challenging the officer’s credibility in court, challenging the fact that you were driving, focusing on the fact that you didn’t fail the Field Sobriety testing, focusing the court’s or Jury’s attention to the fact that your failure to perform chemical or Filed Sobriety Tests weakens the prosecution’s case. Also, another strategy would be using expert witnesses to show that most of the breath test results are simply unreliable ways of proving a DUI.

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Our Law Firm has proven experience when it comes to defending DUI cases. Don’t take our word for it, however; read through our case results to see exactly how we can defend you from charges of drunk driving. Our clients and peers alike have given us excellent testimonials. We have also received the 2012 Avvo Clients’ Choice Award, which requires at least five reviews of four stars or more. When you retain a lawyer from our firm, you can have confidence in their ability to defend you. Our skilled attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers who are always ready to go to trial. Our lawyers have represented more than 100 trial cases over the years and have achieved outstanding case results. Call our offices or fill out our free case evaluation to discuss your case with a qualified lawyer. Our lawyers have more than 50 years of collective experience and are selective about the cases they accept. This way, we can be sure to provide the full attention and effective representation that our clients need.

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